625 Rene-Levesque Blvd West, Montreal, CA H3B 1R2

Cologix in Downtown Band Zero

3000 Rene-Levesque Blvd West, Montreal, CA H3G 2H1

Cologix @ Nun's Island

1250 Rene-Levesque Blvd West, Montreal, CA H3B 4Y1

The Downtown Montréal Carrier Hotel

7171 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, CA H1M 3N2

North Side Enterprise-Grade Facility

2351 Alfred Nobel, Montreal, CA H45 2A9

Value Data Center With Easy Access to Airport

2341 Alfred Nobel, Montreal, CA H45 2B8

Cologix @ Montréal's Technoparc

1155 Robert-Bourassa Blvd, Montreal, CA H3B 3A7

The Downtown Carrier Hotel Annex

7350 Frederick-Banting Street, Montreal, CA

High Capacity Growth at Technoparc

2525 Rue Canadien, Drummondville, CA J2C 7W2

Hyperscale Capacity with 120K SQF, 25MW

530 Beriault Street, Longueuil, Quebec

Montréal Data Center with 180K SQF, 35 MW

875 St. Antoine, Montreal, Quebec

Second carrier hotel in downtown Montreal

Why connect with Cologix in Montréal?

Montréal’s Leading Network Neutral Colocation Provider Montréal’s Leading Network Neutral Colocation Provider

Montréal’s Leading Network Neutral Colocation Provider

Cologix maintains approximately 1 million SQF spanning 11 Montréal data centers throughout and surrounding the city. Our central Meet-Me-Room (MMR) at 1250 René-Lévesque Boulevard offers access to 100+ different network service providers. Customers recognize the strategic value of this market as an interconnection gateway to North America and an attractive alternative to markets like New York City. We continue to build on our 10-year legacy in Montréal as the city’s oldest and first colocation provider, with the most carriers available.

IBM Cloud Service Capabilities IBM Cloud Service Capabilities

IBM Cloud Service Capabilities

IBM has core Canadian network nodes deployed within our data centers in Toronto and Montréal as part of IBM Cloud’s investment aimed at extending its cloud service capabilities in Canada and throughout the world. To meet a growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions, IBM provides the only completely integrated infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution in the industry. Our customers can create a direct, secure, reliable connection to the IBM platform through a simple Cologix interconnection within a protected, redundant, enterprise-grade data center environment. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the IBM website.

Google Cloud Platform Connection Google Cloud Platform Connection

Google Cloud Platform Connection

Direct peering with Google allows enterprises to connect into the Google Cloud Platform within Cologix’s Montréal data center via a secure, high-capacity, enterprise-grade interconnection solution. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the Google Cloud Platform website.

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Octave Klaba


We are excited to develop our services and access a large customer base through the 1250 René-Lévesque Cologix Data Center in Montreal. This is the only data center in Montreal where all the networks connect, presenting us to the clients seeking our high-performance hosting solutions.

Montréal Data Centre Quick Facts

  • Direct access to AWS, GCP, MSFT Azure, IBM
  • 2nd largest city in Canada with over 4 million residents
  • Gateway city for traffic to Europe and U.S.—sits at the intersection of the “Northern Ring” and fiber from subsea Atlantic landing stations in Halifax
  • Home to QIX, the Montréal Internet Exchange (
  • Ranked 3rd in North America for ICT job growth
  • 3rd lowest electricity prices based on comparative index among utilities of 21 major North American cities

Montréal Data Center Team

Michel Martineau

Operations Director, Montreal

[email protected]

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