Cologix Access Marketplace

Directly connecting customers to the cloud, on-demand, and in real time

Our Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform offers a new virtual cloud on-ramp solution with private, secure, self-serve connectivity between enterprise customers and cloud providers—simply and seamlessly.

Cologix Access Marketplace helps customers
build and scale their businesses at their pace

Offering the public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, that power your digital transformation.
Reach new customers in new markets with fast, secure, and reliable direct connections.
Access Cologix’s robust ecosystem of 450+ networks and grow your business.

Connectivity Options to Cloud On-Ramps in the Following Markets:

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Simplifying connectivity to the cloud

Fully-Automated Solution Fully-Automated Solution

Fully-Automated Solution

Leveraging best-in-class software to automate how companies interconnect directly, securely, and dynamically to cloud service providers (CSPs). With our complete interconnection solution, customers can connect virtually via one or more physical ports to CSPs.

Connect in minutes Connect in minutes

Connect in minutes

Offering virtual, private, secure and cost-effective connectivity within existing Cologix owned interconnection hubs in minutes to one or multiple clouds.

Real-Time Provisioning Real-Time Provisioning

Real-Time Provisioning

Allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing workloads and shifting demand by directing traffic and controlling capacity needs. It is simple, fast and dynamic to scale up and down to respond to changing business needs virtually. Customize secure connectivity to one or multiple clouds in minutes from an automated, self-serve portal.

Cost-Effective Connectivity Cost-Effective Connectivity

Cost-Effective Connectivity

Improve visibility at any time across your workloads in the cloud, choose your cloud providers and scale up and down quickly to respond to shifts in demand and need without capital expenses and additional labor costs.

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