Amazon Web Services

Connect to AWS Through Cologix

Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners with networks to provide direct and dedicated access for end-customers to access the AWS cloud securely.

Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect

Our AWS connection service offers unique, private AWS cloud access in all Cologix markets and Dedicated Cross-Connect options in Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect enables you to utilize a dedicated connection between your network and Cologix’s data centers. Our direct, private connections allow a secure, high-capacity, high-performance connection to AWS cloud solutions.

  • Lower risk than public Internet when storing & retrieving data with AWS through a secure private connection to a trusted AWS Partner Network
  • Reduced rates by capitalizing on the lower AWS Direct Connect charges, and leveraging a private AWS Partner Network for data transfer
  • Improved performance through a consistent connection with AWS in a closely monitored, 100% uptime data center environment
  • Scale your space, power, cooling, and connectivity with Cologix, including multiple AWS connections providing options between 50 Mbps & 10 Gbps per connection
  • Control of latency & bandwidth: delegate which data leverages the AWS direct connection & how that data travels
  • Support hybrid architectures to balance regularly used data between a private cloud and public AWS environment to accommodate specialized compliance, privacy, security, and performance requirements

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