Cologix Access Marketplace – For Enterprises

Simplify connectivity of your infrastructure with direct, private, virtual, on demand cloud access

Our Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform offers an ecosystem of service providers and cloud onramps, built on private, reliable, self-service connectivity between you and your cloud providers, managed through an innovative, easy to navigate portal.

Cologix Access Marketplace connects customers

Bridging IT platforms and mission-critical applications to the cloud does not mean you need to compromise on network security and performance. Cologix offers dedicated, private, Layer 2 direct onramps over private fiber to Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle and IBM. With private network access, built on a dedicated fiber network, you gain the low latency, high-performance, consistent, and reliable connectivity to cloud resources that public internet access cannot provide.

All Cologix customers can manage their AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, IBM Direct Link, Oracle FastConnect, and GCP Interconnect circuits from any Cologix Data Center. If your desired cloud provider does not have an onramp in your metro area, then we can help get you to the top cloud connection sites in North America.

Connectivity Options to Cloud On Ramps in the Following Markets:


New applications for enterprises in every industry require high-bandwidth, low latency, and secure access to private company data or users to operate effectively. Public internet connections cannot meet these needs, so dedicated or hosted connections through cloud onramps, as part of a larger Hybrid Cloud architecture, are emerging as the new solution.

Challenges in the Enterprise Sector

Facing increased pressure to reduce IT costs and improve performance, enterprise management faces greater challenges this year than ever before.

Historically, enterprises built and managed network infrastructures on premise, which has become costly, time intensive, less adaptable to keep pace, and lacks best practice security postures, putting enterprises at risk. Aging hardware and complex software requires large capital and operating expenses to maintain each year.

To solve this, organizations have developed hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to move critical applications and workloads to the cloud, while keeping sensitive data and access on-premise, to improve efficiencies, increase flexibility and control operational costs. Cloud strategies are critical and implementations are often complex, driven in large part by fears of quality, visibility, compliance, security and lack of control by enterprise IT leaders. Cologix can help reduce these fears, and reduce risk, by managing the critical network link between your business, your employees, and your essential cloud partners.

Key Benefits

  • Resources provisioned in minutes, rather than days to weeks
  • More control with self-service ordering and management
  • Low latency via dedicated fiber and local PoPs in Cologix facilities
  • A rich ecosystem of carriers and IT service providers to enable your cloud strategy

Cologix Access Marketplace is complemented by the premier Space, Power, Services, and High Availability provided by Cologix Data Centers.

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