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Cyber Smarts Series: Are Website Security Questions Really Secure?

Are website security questions truly secure? You might be surprised at the answer.

Cologix: 10 Years of Culture Driven Success

by Laura Ortman, President and Chief Revenue Officer

Cloud Journeys Move into the Fast Lane

Cisco predicts that global internet traffic would reach 4.8 zetabytes a year with at least 80% of traffic in video consumption. Are you ready to migrate to the cloud?

Software Defines How Service Providers Grow at the Edge

Seventy-five percent of midsize and large organizations planning to adopt a hybrid IT strategy by 2021. Will you help enterprises connect to the cloud?

We are thrilled to welcome COLO•D to the Cologix Family

Cologix acquires COLO•D, Montreal’s leading provider of Hyperscale data centers to combine existing platform with industry-leading hyperscale offering…

My Top Predictions for the Years to Come

The 10-year anniversary of Cologix is the perfect time to reflect on a history of growth and innovation. For CEO, Bill Fathers, it’s also a time to look ahead and plan for a future of reinventing cloud-neutral hyperscale edge data centers and services.

Connected Together – Business Continuity

CEO Bill Fathers shares the importance of connecting together during COVID-19 as well as the steps Cologix is taking to keep critical operations running smoothly while ensuring employees, customers and partners are safe.

Interconnection, Part 2.5 – Carrier Hotel Infographic

As part of our interconnection series, we created this infographic to illustrate the history and purpose of the carrier hotel.

Interconnection, Part 2 – Meet Me Room, Connecting Companies Together

In this installment of our 3-part interconnection series, we walk you through the beating heart of interconnection—the Meet-Me-Room (MMR).

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