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We are thrilled to welcome COLO•D to the Cologix Family

Cologix acquires COLO•D, Montreal’s leading provider of Hyperscale data centers to combine existing platform with industry-leading hyperscale offering…

Interconnection, Part 2 – Meet Me Room, Connecting Companies Together

In this installment of our 3-part interconnection series, we walk you through the beating heart of interconnection—the Meet-Me-Room (MMR).

Interconnection, Part 1 – What is a Carrier Hotel?

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it’s a Carrier Hotel, of course! In this installment of our 3-part interconnection series, the Carrier Hotel, where the story begins.

Software Defined Networking Makes Cloud Environments Easier to Manage

SDN solutions support distributed application environments and help IT operators scale services up and down based on business needs. How can your organization leverage software defined networking?

Choosing the Right Cloud Deployment: Part 2—Hybrid Cloud

Ninety percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure services by 2020. Will your organization need a hybrid cloud strategy?

Choosing the Right Cloud Deployment: Part 1—Considerations

Last year, 73% of surveyed organizations had at least one application in the cloud. Is your business ready for cloud deployment?

The Power of Choice: Network & Cloud Neutral Data Centers

Neutrality is a huge advantage for enterprises. A network and cloud neutral facility offers unfettered access to its connection ecosystem—giving you the choice.

Colocation: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

How can businesses integrate their legacy, or non-cloud-friendly, services with the cloud-native or cloud-friendly ones? A hybrid cloud approach, made easy via colocation data centers, is the answer…

Hurricane Florence Emphasizes the Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

You need a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place to ensure business continuity. It’s that simple…

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