Standard Connections

Standard Connections

Data Center Connectivity Solution

Standard Connections provides a low cost, low risk rack unit based Ethernet switch environment that allows you to interconnect to any carrier or customer with a presence in the Cologix Facility.

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  • Rapid access to strategic interconnection hubs
  • Low risk network expansion
  • Scalable cost model as connections build

Data Center Interconnection

Standard Connections Description

  • Powered 1U building blocks for customer Ethernet switche(s)
  • Cross connect to access provider to extend establish network demarc
  • Direct access to Cologix Meet-Me-Room

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Standard Connections Attributes

  • Point of presence within a secure, stable environment
  • Redundant power supply without paying for full circuits
  • Access to customers, partners and providers within Cologix’s interconnection ecosystem

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Download the Standard Connections Flier

Standard Connections flier

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Download the Standard Connections Toronto Flier

Standard Connections Toronto flier

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"We needed a way to quickly and cost effectively onramp traffic from customers in Toronto and Vancouver back to our global network. We became a Standard Connections customer in 2012 to create points of presence without significant capital so we could leverage the power of our existing network."

– Dave Scammell, Chief Executive Officer, Sohonet
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“Over the last two years Hurricane Electric’s presence at Standard Connections has enabled us to broaden our network reach through the opportunity for additional peering relationships, while continuing our strategic global expansion.”

– Reid Fishler, Director, Hurricane Electric

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"We largely maintain our own data center facilities, but learned early on that without broad choice of networks our switching costs were too high. We deployed switches within the Standard Connections environment in both 151 Front Street in Toronto and 555 West Hastings in Vancouver, so that our procurement team could gain access to all of the network providers without having to replicate or migrate our existing infrastructure. The service has paid for itself many times over."

– Regan Kerry, Chief Technology Officer, Epik Networks

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