Internet Exchanges

Internet Exchanges

Cologix is Proud to Support 6 Independent Internet Exchanges

Cologix customers can access growing independent Internet exchanges in Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to supplement bilateral peering relationships. A robust Internet exchange is an important ingredient to a vibrant and mature telecommunication market. Cologix has long believed that independent, open, member-run organizations provide the best model to build and sustain healthy exchange and is proud of its partnership with leading role models in the space.

Cologix hosts 6 Internet Exchanges within our data centers to provide customers direct access to them via Cologix Meet-Me-Rooms:

OhioIX logoOhio-IX – Ohio Internet Exchange

  • Located in Cologix’s Columbus Data Center @ 555 Scherers Court
  • Click here for the OhioIX Website
  • Contact Cologix or OhioIX to connect today

DE-CIX logoDE-CIX – Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange
  • Located in Cologix’s Dallas INFOMART Data Center
  • Click here for the DE-CIX Website
  • Contact Cologix or DE-CIX to connect today

Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange logoMICE – Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange
  • Located in Cologix’s Minneapolis Data Center @ The 511 Building
  • Click here for the MICE Website
  • Contact Cologix or MICE to connect today

Montreal Internet exchange logoQIX – Montreal Internet Exchange
  • Located in Cologix’s Montreal Data Center @ 1250 Rene Levesque
  • Click here for the QIX Website
  • Contact Cologix or QIX to connect today

Toronto Internet Exchange logoTORIX – Toronto Internet Exchange
  • Located in Cologix’s Toronto Data Center @ 151 Front Street West
  • Click here for the TORIX Website
  • Contact Cologix or TORIX to connect today

Vancouver Internet Exchange logoVANIX – Vancouver Internet Exchange
  • Located in Cologix’s Vancouver Data Center @ 1050 West Pender
  • Click here for the VANIX Website
  • Contact Cologix or VANIX to connect today

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