Data Center Interconnection

Cologix Interconnection Data Center Platform

Interconnection Platform Connects Local and Global Markets

Reliable, high performance network connectivity is a critical, yet often overlooked, element in every IT solution. Cologix enables choice of 450+ networks within our network neutral Meet-Me-Rooms.

Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the importance of data center interconnection. Historically used to replicate data from a primary data center to a disaster recovery site or backup data center, a data center interconnect now enables enterprises to load balance compute resources across multiple sites dynamically.

Being able to choose the best-in-class network or cloud provider for your applications is advantageous to significantly reduce cost, reduce risk, and improve service overall. Choice leads to fairness in pricing and innovation for all customers, no matter the company size. Smaller customers with a presence in a carrier-neutral facility can secure the same buying power traditionally reserved for the biggest customers and provides flexibility for the future.

The Cologix data center interconnection platform provides a focal point for communities of service providers and service buyers to transact business, bringing global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers.

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Meet-Me-Rooms / Cross Connects

Cologix Data Center Interconnection

  • Connections to networks, service providers, partners or peers via physical media in one of Cologix’s secure, managed Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Click here to see our interactive Meet-Me-Room for available networks

Internet Exchanges

Fiber Optic

  • Cologix supports independent Internet Exchanges in Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
  • Click here for more information on the exchanges

Metro Connect

Riser Fiber

  • Intra-market connections between Cologix data centers, leveraging redundant dark fiber networks and massively scalable 4Tbps+ network architectures
  • Primary use cases are to connect redundant IT deployments or extend connectivity options from main carrier hotel
  • Click here for more information on Metro Connect

Standard Connections

Cologix Data Center Aisle

  • Standard Connections provides a low cost, low risk service that allows customers to easily establish a point of presence within a Cologix facility and access its interconnection community
  • Click here for more information on our Standard Connections product

Blended IP

Columbus Data Center Aisle

  • Cologix’s Internet Bandwidth service provides our Columbus, Jacksonville and New Jersey customers with dependable Internet connectivity suitable for any business need
  • Click here for more information on our Blended IP product

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