Cologix Data Center Colocation Services

We provide the Space, Power, Cooling, Security, Interconnection and Support you need to meet growing business needs.

Cologix’s colocation solutions offer the infrastructure, systems, monitoring and reach of a global player while our smaller size enables us to be more flexible, nimble and customer-centric than incumbents.

Cologix’s North American colocation platform includes 24 data centers across nine markets to provide choice and flexibility that matches our clients’ technical, business and commercial objectives.
Data center colocation


Customers bring unique needs specific to power density, security, efficiency, work space and cost. Cologix matches these needs to cabinets, cages, private pods or suites across the platform, time and again showing a willingness to be flexible to make customers happy.

Data center fiber


The Cologix interconnection platform provides a focal point for communities of service providers and service buyers to transact business, bringing global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers.

Canara Battery Monitoring


All Cologix facilities are equipped with UPS and Generator back up. Customers have choices to address their desired trade-off between costs and risk reduction by providing them with a range of additional power redundancy.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanning


Cologix data centers are all secure with layered access controls, access record retention and CCTV. Customers with elevated security needs will find data centers with building and suite level manned security, badge and bio access and anti-tailgating mantraps.

Data Center Chilled Water Cooling


Cologix’s platform spans very different climates, from Dallas to Montreal. As such, Cologix leverages redundant cooling solutions that are unique to the market/facility to enable a range of power densities, efficiency and maximum reliability.

Data center cabling


Cologix’s local expert technicians provide Remote Hands services to extend our customers’ team and capability to the data center floor.

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