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Microsoft Cloud

Connect to Microsoft Cloud including Azure, CRM Online and Office 365 Through Cologix

Cologix and Microsoft have signed an agreement to welcome Cologix into the Azure ExpressRoute ecosystem. The agreement enables customers direct and private access to the Microsoft Cloud including Azure, CRM Online and Office 365 from facilities in Montreal and Toronto.

Azure ExpressRoute through Cologix will connect Cologix customers in 9 data centers to Microsoft’s public cloud via low latency, private connections between Cologix data centers and Microsoft’s cloud network that provide key benefits to enterprises looking to build hybrid cloud environments.

Cologix customers across the Cologix Platform can access Azure and 365 services from Cologix data centers via the largest collection of Azure Network partners.

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Leveraging Cologix’s ExpressRoute provides unique benefits:

  • Greater security and privacy via private connections
  • Lower latency by traversing shortest path to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Predictability & optimized speed when leveraging ExpressRoute
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Leveraging connectivity through Microsoft ExpressRoutes Network Partners enables:

  • Higher security by avoiding the public Internet with a high-throughput, private, layer 3 connection through a trusted Azure connectivity service provider. You can even configure Azure as a node on to your private network with a service provider
  • Quicker speeds, heightened reliability & a better, more predictable performance in closely monitored, 100% uptime data centers versus traditional Internet connections to Azure
  • Substantial savings in some cases when leveraging ExpressRoute connections to transfer data, backed by Azure’s promise of per-minute billing & no termination fees or upfront expenses
  • Retained flexibility without being confined to Microsoft Azure data centers – ride a preferred Azure partner network to reach these locations
  • Scale your space, power, cooling & connectivity with Cologix, including Azure ExpressRoute providing 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps connectivity
  • Bandwidth control: burst up to two times your bandwidth through Azure ExpressRoute for no additional cost (check with your service provider)
  • Hybrid architectures to balance regularly used data in a private cloud with Azure to accommodate peak demand

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