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Connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Through Cologix

CloudAmazon Web Services (AWS) partners with networks to provide direct and dedicated access to end-customers to securely access the AWS cloud. Our AWS Connect service offers unique AWS cloud computing access through 46 distinct AWS Partner Network (APN) options in multiple markets and Direct Connect connectivity in Columbus, Montreal and Vancouver.

AWS Direct Connect in Columbus, Montreal and now Vancouver with Cologix
Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect enables you to utilize a dedicated connection between your network and Cologix’s Columbus & Montreal data centers. This direct, private connection enables a secure, high capacity, high performance connection to AWS cloud solutions. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the AWS website

Working with the APN provides:

  • Lower risk than public Internet when storing & retrieving data with AWS through a secure private connection to a trusted AWS Partner Network
  • Reduced rates by capitalizing on the reduced AWS Direct Connect rate & leveraging an AWS Partner Network for data transfer
  • Improved performance through a consistent connection with AWS in a closely monitored, 100% uptime data center environment
  • Scale your space, power, cooling & connectivity with Cologix, including multiple AWS connections providing 1 Gbps & 10 Gbps connectivity
  • Control of latency & bandwidth: delegate which data leverages the AWS direct connection & how that data travels
  • Hybrid architectures to balance regularly used data in private cloud with AWS to accommodate peak demand

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