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We are the future of data centers

We design, build and operate the data centers of tomorrow, today—redefining the boundaries of typical data center solutions by integrating hyperscale capacity with robust interconnection ecosystems. Building upon our foundation of excellence, we give our customers the flexibility to grow and the ability to connect together.

State-of-the-Art Data Center
for Hyperscale stringent needs.

Built-to-Suit Built-to-Suit


For large-scale customers, our trusted Hyperscale Edge Team builds customized, flexible and efficient data facilities to solve unique requirements for data generation and storage. Building highly responsive and cost-effective IT infrastructures, we deploy data centers for scale, speed and efficiency across North America.

Green Renewable Energy in Montreal Green Renewable Energy in Montreal

Green Renewable Energy in Montreal

We have two existing data centers and two on the way powered by Hydro-Quebec, North America’s largest supplier of clean and renewable energy, only in Montreal. Our sites are designed and built to deliver excellent energy efficiency. They offer a low carbon footprint with our 99,9% clean energy source. We also benefit from the third-lowest electricity rates in North America. We also use state of the art green technology to reduce its environmental impact.

Connectivity – Interconnection Connectivity – Interconnection

Connectivity – Interconnection

Connecting businesses to over 450+ networks and 250+cloud providers with access to the most robust scalable ecosystem in North America, we offer in-market cross connects with dark fiber through Cologix’s Metro Connect.

Services Services


Our Hyperscale Remote Hands team, an onsite, dedicated concierge service for our hyperscale customers, offers the expertise to support your infrastructure. Built with hyperscalers in mind, we can customize specific services to answer your most stringent needs.

Wholesale Team

Pioneers in the hyperscale market, our seasoned team understands the unique and evolving needs of large providers and enterprises. Working hand-in-hand with customers, our Hyperscale Edge Team will design, build and operate high-density environments to scale up and out massively and quickly.

Meet the team! Email sales@cologix.com and get started.

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Wholesale Data Capacity

Cologix operates, or is building hyperscale data centers in Ashburn, Columbus, Montréal, and Vancouver. Tour one of our hyperscale data centers today!

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Allowing for interconnection between
the world’s leading public cloud providers

AWS Direct Connect AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

Private connectivity over a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS

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Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud service allowing you to develop and deploy hybrid applications anywhere

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IBM Cloud IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

A full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private, and hybrid environments

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Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Built to run traditional multi-tiered enterprise applications, high-performance workloads, and modern serverless/container-based architectures

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