Colocation Buyer’s Guides

Colocation Buyer's Guides

5-10-15 Playbooks for Technology Managers

Deciding how to manage your IT infrastructure is not easy. If you determine outsourcing to a colocation partner is best for your business, how do you choose the right partner? Download the Colocation Buyer’s Guide & Checklist accompanied by the Monitoring & Support Supplement to guide you through the important questions to ask potential partners to ensure you find the right fit.

Colocation Buyer's Guide


This Buyer's Guide will help you determine if colocation makes sense for your business. In addition to a comparison checklist that makes it easier to find a colocation partner that best fits your network and business enviornment, this guide includes:

  • 5 Common Challenges in IT Infrastructure Management
  • 10 Benefits of Colocation
  • 15 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Provider

Colocation Monitoring & Support Guide


The colocation provider you’re considering may offer the latest and greatest infrastructure, but is that infrastructure instrumented to report trouble and will the data center provide the vital, hands-on, knowledgeable customer service you need in times of technical challenges?

This guide pulls back the curtain to share 12 monitoring and support questions that every customer should ask when evaluating data center providers. It also includes a comparison checklist, making it easier to find a colocation partner that best fits your company’s specific needs.

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