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Cologix Network Service Provider Customers

Keeping you connected in our robust, network neutral Meet-Me-Rooms

More than 450 Backbones, LECs, MSOs, ISPs, Regional Fiber, Metro Fiber, Managed Service and VoIP providers present their networks in Cologix Meet-Me-Rooms. Customers choose Cologix to access unmatched marketplaces that create buying power through the greatest choice and lowest switching costs, which gives buyers an edge. Leading companies across Network Services, Cloud/Hosting Services, Media, Financial Services and Enterprises are Cologix customers.

Over 1,600 customers including the most sophisticated and forward-looking companies in the world trust Cologix because they are confident Cologix will provide a 100% reliable service while keeping customers ahead of key trends that impact customers network and IT decisions. These create addressable markets for network service providers.

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Network Advantages Offered by Cologix:

Data Center ramp
On-ramp customer demand

  • Network end users attracted to network neutral locations
  • Other network service providers often a key customer segment

Network Service Interconnection
Find network partners where metro and longhaul networks intersect

  • Marketplace for components to support end-to-end enterprise network demands
  • Extend addressable market via 3rd party access

Data Center Connectivity
IP Peering

  • Bilateral and Exchange-based peering at new edge of Internet

Sampling of Network Customer Subsegments:

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Network Customer Highlights:

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