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Cologix Cloud Service Provider Customers

Cologix is proud to support some of the most well-known and successful Cloud service providers who offer a range of services to their customers from Cologix data centers.

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Cloud service providers benefit from Cologix data centers by:

Cloud Service
Seamless and Easy Access to Customers and Providers within our Data Centers

  • Cologix Connects Enterprises, Networks and Technology Partners to Cloud Service Providers in 4 Easy Ways. Click here to find out how.
  • Cologix offers more cloud network connectivity choices for protected access to public cloud services than any other provider across its platform. Access Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and other public clouds through Cologix – click here for more info.

Blue Movement
Access Networks to Optimize Costs

  • High competition and low switching costs enable lower rates and more flexible commercial terms (e.g., bursting)
  • Ensure bottom line success at scale – network costs can account for 10-20% of total cloud expenses
  • Enable competitive advantage – differentiate on cost structure
  • Access to carriers deploying 100 Gig Services

Data Center Riser Fiber
Increase Customer Reach in Emerging Markets

  • On-net access to the cloud is important to customer total cost of ownership where dedicated access is required: Key factor to size of addressable market
  • Carrier density matters – more carriers means more addressable on-net prospects for cloud services

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Improve Performance

  • Cloud providers are moving equipment closer to the “edge” to reduce latency
  • Backed by 100% uptime SLA
  • Cologix is committed to invest to support customer growth

Sampling of Cloud Customer Subsegments:

Cologix Customer Highlights:

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