Cologix Access Marketplace – For Resellers

Provide your customers with fast, reliable, and cost-efficient connections to the largest Cloud providers

Our Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform offers on demand, private, highly available, low-latency connectivity between your customers and the top cloud providers, managed through a self-serve portal.

Cologix Access Marketplace helps customers connect to cloud

Let Cologix manage the cloud provider relationship, maintain the cloud Network-to-Network (NNI), and provision your circuits to Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle Cloud, and IBM Cloud on demand. We will manage the Layer-2 network, while you manage your own value-add services to support your customer’s requirements.

We make cloud connectivity simple, and we make sure the cost scales with your business, so you can focus on providing fast, affordable and competitive cloud solutions to your customers.

Cologix is a network neutral data center company, focusing on our strength providing high-quality colocation facilities and foundational network services that you can build your business on.

With the Cologix Access Marketplace, you are free to resell cloud connectivity to any customer in or out of our facilities. Let us do the heavy lifting, while you brand the solution as your own and get your customers the competitive cloud services they need.


Most companies are moving to the cloud to improve customers’ and other end users’ experiences, while driving down costs and speeding up delivery timelines. New applications in the cloud require high-bandwidth, low latency, and secure access to private company data or users to operate effectively. Public internet connections cannot meet these needs, so dedicated or hosted connections through cloud onramps, as part of a larger Hybrid Cloud architecture, are emerging as the new solution.

Opportunity for Service Providers, Carriers, and B2B Technology Providers

Historically, enterprises built and managed network infrastructures on premise. With changing market dynamics and rapid digital innovations, onsite networks have become costly, time intensive and less adaptable to keep pace, and do not have best practice security postures in place, creating risk. Aging hardware and complex software requires constant, Highly-skilled care to manage, update, scale, configure, migrate or put to rest, plus large capital and operating expenses to maintain each year.

Facing increased pressure to reduce IT costs and improve performance, enterprise management faces greater challenges than ever.

Most organizations have developed hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to move critical applications and workloads to the cloud, while keeping sensitive data and access on-prem, to improve efficiencies, increase flexibility and control operational costs. Cloud strategies are critical and implementations are often complex, driven in large part by fears of quality, visibility, compliance, security and lack of control by enterprise IT leaders. You can help reduce these fears, and reduce risk, by selling your customers the critical network link between their business and essential cloud resources. Looking further, you can layer on additional vital IT services to help their Hybrid Cloud project thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Connections provisioned in minutes, rather than days to weeks
  • More control with self-service ordering and management
  • Low latency to the cloud via dedicated fiber and local PoPs in Cologix facilities
  • Foundational Layer-2 network connection, so you are free to layer on more value-add services

Cologix Access Marketplace is complemented by the premier Space, Power, Services, and High Availability provided by Cologix Data Centers.

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