Why Cologix?

Why Choose Cologix?

1. Network Neutrality – Be in control of your network strategy!

Cologix is network-neutral to our core. We do not operate our own network, and we give our customers easy access to all of the network connections in our markets.
2. Network Accessibility – No one else give you this level of Interconnection!

Cologix’s Meet-Me-Rooms provide access to 450+ unique networks
3. Onramp in Tier 2 Markets – The edge of the internet keeps expanding – You should be there too!

Colocating in any of Cologix’s Tier 2 markets helps organizations reduce network costs and complexity by moving data closer to the ever expanding edge of the internet. Cologix helps decrease the costs of expanding IT infrastructure while advancing network performance.
4. Safety and Security – Sleep well at night knowing your mission critical data is protected.

Tier 2 markets provide a unique advantage by removing some of the risk from natural disasters and offering a safer location for primary servers or secondary disaster and recovery sites.
5. Local Service – Shouldn’t your support be in the same place as your service?

Cologix provides 24/7 access to local support teams in each of our markets.

Cologix customers sleep well at night because Cologix is on the clock:

  • Unrelenting investment in infrastructure
  • Leading preventive maintenance program
  • Leading systems and monitoring – Cologix Command data center infrastructure management (DCIM)
  • 24×7 Cologix Live Support
  • Local touch – direct relationships with our DC manager
Cologix Facts