Reliable and cost-effective with on‐demand scalability.

Virtual servers can be quickly deployed, resized, and scaled to address your exact needs.

Business needs are ever-changing which makes IT infrastructure requirements unpredictable. Sudden usage spikes, increases in test and development activities, or the need for a disaster recovery platform can quickly drain compute-resources. IT managers need the ability to spin up scalable, redundant, virtual resources at a moment’s notice, and make changes on the fly. That’s where a virtual server can help.

FLEXVServer is a pre‐configured and provisioned virtual server (referred to as a virtual machine or VM) built and deployed on the Cologix high-availability, geographically distributed, PODS cloud infrastructure. FLEXVServer offers many of the same capabilities that our dedicated FLEXServers do, but in an elastic way. Each server is available in pre‐assigned configurations with upgrade options for disk space. But, unlike physical servers, you can resize and scale your virtual servers up or down at any time. We can deploy and maintain an operating system from our library on your behalf, or you can directly deploy your own via our IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). For these reasons, and many others, virtual servers have become a favorite of developers and enterprises alike—an ideal solution for growing business or those that need to supplement a dedicated environment.

Benefits of FlexVServer

Flexible CPU, RAM and Disk options, with the ability to adjust resource allocations, select your operating system and change configurations at any time.

Rock solid SLAs, including 100% Uptime Environment Guarantee.

Pay a monthly fee, with no CAPEX. You only pay for the computing resources that your organization uses and nothing more.

Easily integrates with all Cologix FLEXInfrastructureSolutions, including Firewall, Managed DDoS, Storage, and Backup.

Spin up a FLEXVServer in just a few minutes. Resize and scale compute resources on‐demand, at a moment’s notice.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) enables you to remotely access your FLEXVServer via the Internet and upload your preferred OS.

Each FLEXVServer includes 5 GB of data transfer per month to and from the Internet, or can also connect to other providers via cross‐connects.

24×7 monitoring and support backed by the Cologix Network Operations Center.

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