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Vancouver Data Centres: 555 West Hastings & 1050 West Pender

As Vancouver’s leading colocation data centre provider, Cologix provides connectivity to 20+ unique networks and direct access to the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX). Cologix’s Vancouver data centre at 555 West Hastings Street (VAN 1) is in the Harbour Centre, the primary carrier hotel in Vancouver. Nearby is VAN 2 at 1050 West Pender, which is Cologix’s newest downtown Vancouver data centre expansion, providing hyper-efficient data centre solutions and robust connectivity. Vancouver is increasingly viewed as a natural redundant data centre site for networks established by enterprises in Eastern Canada, Asia and the U.S. due to the city’s location at the end point of the largest Internet pipeline between British Columbia and the U.S.

We are excited to announce that AWS Direct Connect is now available through Cologix in Vancouver. Customers can now utilize the lowest latency onramp to AWS via an AWS Direct Connect node located in our Vancouver data center. With AWS Direct Connect, customers can connect their infrastructure via a secure and private connection to the AWS Cloud to improve performance and reduce costs compared to onramps via the public Internet.

Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect
Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect enables you to utilize a dedicated connection between your network and Cologix’s Columbus data center. This direct, private connection enables a secure, high capacity, high performance connection to AWS cloud solutions. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the AWS website

Vancouver Data Centre VAN 1


Neutral Access to Carrier Hotel

Vancouver Data Centre VAN 2


Enterprise-Grade Annex to Carrier Hotel

Vancouver Data Centre VAN 3


Largest Neutral Data Center 

Vancouver Data Centre Quick Facts

  • 3rd largest city in Canada with more than 2 million residents
  • Gateway to Asia & the United States
  • Home to rapidly growing film, content & creative industries
  • 3rd largest film & TV production centre in North America, known as “Hollywood North”
  • One of the world’s best places to launch a startup

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Vancouver Data Centre Team

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Vancouver Data Centres:

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“Our customers rely on us around the clock, which means our IT infrastructure needs to reliably deliver against that expectation. Cologix delivers a strong product with robust redundancy, which gives us confidence to focus our energy on our customers.”- Steven Miller, Information Technology Manager, Cummins Western Canada
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“The Standard Connections environment enables our team access to all of broad network choice without switching costs and having to replicate or migrate our existing infrastructure. The service has paid for itself many times over.”- Regan Kerry, Chief Technology Officer, Epik Networks
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“As a leading metro fibre provider in the market, we see that the new Cologix downtown data centre will significantly enhance the attractiveness of Vancouver for the digital industry and, in turn, benefit all network sellers.”-  Garth Wambolt, President, Optic Zoo Networks
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