Montréal Data Centres

Montréal Data Centers

7 Montréal Data Centres - Direct access to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure & Softlayer

As Montréal’s leading network neutral colocation provider, Cologix maintains approximately 100,000 SQF spanning seven Montréal data centres throughout the city. Cologix operates Montréal’s central Meet-Me-Room (MMR) at 1250 Rene Levesque Boulevard, offering access to 75+ unique network service providers. Customers recognize the strategic value of this market as an interconnection gateway to North America and an attractive alternative to markets like New York City. Cologix continues to build on the 10-year legacy in Montréal as the city’s oldest and first colocation provider with the most carriers available.

We are excited that we now offer direct connectivity to the main Hyperscalers from our Montréal data centres: Amazon Web Services -Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & Softlayer

Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect
Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect enables you to utilize a dedicated connection between your network and Cologix’s Montreal data center. This direct, private connection enables a secure, high capacity, high performance connection to AWS cloud solutions. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the AWS website

Google Cloud Platform
Direct peering with Google allows enterprises to connect into the Google Cloud Platform within Cologix’s Montreal data center via a secure, high capacity, enterprise-grade interconnection solution. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the Google Cloud Platform website

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by a connectivity provider. ExpressRoute connections do not go over the public Internet providing unique benefits: 1.) Greater security and privacy via private connections 2.) Lower latency by traversing shortest path to the Microsoft Cloud 3.) Predictability & optimized speed when leveraging ExpressRoute. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the Microsoft Azure website

SoftLayer has core Canadian network nodes deployed with Cologix’s data centers in Toronto and Montreal as part of IBM Cloud’s investment aimed at extending its cloud service capabilities in Canada and throughout the world. To meet growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions, SoftLayer provides the only completely integrated infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution in the industry. Customers can create a secure, reliable connection directly to the SoftLayer platform through a simple Cologix interconnection within a protected, redundant, enterprise-grade data center environment. For more information, contact the Cologix Team or visit the Softlayer website

Montréal Data Centre Quick Facts

  • Direct Access to AWS, GCP, MSFT Azure, Softlayer/IBM
  • 2nd largest city in Canada with over 4 million residents
  • Gateway city for traffic to Europe & US – sits at intersection of “Northern Ring” & fibre from subsea Atlantic landing stations in Halifax
  • Home to QIX, the Montréal Internet Exchange (
  • Ranked 3rd in North America for ICT job growth
  • 3rd lowest electricity prices based on comparative index among utilities of 21 major North American cities

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Montréal Data Centre Team

Michel Martineau Michel Martineau
Operations Director, Montreal

Montréal Data Centres:

OVH Logo
“We are excited to further extend our services into Montréal and access a great base of customers through the Cologix data centre at 1250 Rene Levesque. It is the only data centre in Montréal where all the networks connect giving us exposure to customers seeking our high performance hosting solutions.”

– Octave Klaba, CEO, OVH

Webair Logo
“We have won deals by having the Cologix Montréal facility in our roster. The neutral data centre environment has a number of sales opportunities within the full ecosystem. The ability to connect to all network providers also allows us to be flexible to adjust our network accordingly, which helps us optimize our network and pass those benefits on to our customers.”

– Sagi Brody, Chief Technology Officer, Webair

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Logo
“The Cologix data centre was the most fitting for our needs in terms of the location, price and enterprise-grade infrastructure that ranks on the high end of the scale. Cologix colocation means we no longer worry about data centre management, and we can concentrate on doing our best.”

– Philippe Rivest, Director of IT Operations, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

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