Cologix Command – DCIM

Cologix Command DCIM

Fully-integrated data center infrastructure management (DCIM) technology supports industry-leading reliability and transparency into colocation environments.

Cologix Command DCIM is a powerful and uniquely integrated capability that brings together real-time information from data center infrastructure with customer service profiles and customer support tools. Cologix customers have confidence knowing that the infrastructure that supports their services is instrumented, connected and managed with a high degree of intimacy.


Key Features:

  • Monitoring & Alarming
  • Event Management
  • Capacity Planning & Management
  • Customer Reporting
  • Customer Portal Roadmap
  • Dashboards Refresh Every 60 Seconds
  • Each Devices’ Entire Alarm History
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring

Cologix Data Center Support

Highly Instrumented Operations Team:

  • Advanced warning on necessary infrastructure maintenance reduces risk
  • Access to real time data on infrastructure and environments facilitates better decisions
  • Central platform to manage maintenances and stay ahead of capacity demands

Cologix Live Support

Streamlined Live Customer Support

  • Rapid trouble shooting, integrated ticketing system, advanced notifications and event management

Touch Screen

Direct Visibility to Data

  • Access to customer specific reports and inventory detail

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